7-Day Colonial City and Caribbean Coast Tour from San Jose, Costa Rica Tour

Package Summary

  • Duration For Tour: 6 7
  • Start City: San Jose, Costa Rica; Alajuela, Costa Rica
  • End City: Puerto Viejo
    Highlights:Imagine your dream Costa Rica vacation starting in the historic and stunning cosmopolitan city of San Jose. Then travel to the magnificent volcanic heights of Poas Volcano before relaxing in the streets of Grecia Town and Sarchi of the Central Valley, and ending your dream vacation in the absolute tranquility of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Inclusions: 6 night accommodations.

$ 1179 ( Starting From Per Person )

The region of Latin America – which encompasses Central America, the continent of South America and some of the Caribbean – is filled with amazing countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and more. Don’t pass up the opportunity to visit this.
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a coastal town in Talamanca in Limon Province in southeastern Costa Rica, known simply as Puerto Viejo to locals.

San Jose

As guests arrive at the airport in San Jose, they will transfer to the hotel. We will have some free time to explore the city, or we can take a sightseeing tour that will take us to stops like La Sabana Metropolitan Park, the majestic National Theater, and the National Museum. We will also have the option of participating in a number of excursions outside of the city.


La Sabana Metropolitan Park

This park in downtown San Jose is Costa Rica's largest public urban park. It takes up less than half a square-mile. The most prominent buildings in the park are the National Stadium and Costa Rican Art Museum.

National Theater of Costa Rica

This Neoclassical theater was completed in 1897, and is now considered one of the finest historical buildings in the country. In addition to hosting weekly performances, it is a major tourist attraction.

National Museum of Costa Rica

The building in which this museum is located was originally a military fortress, but was converted to a museum in 1950. It features exhibits detailing the geological, archaeological, religious, colonial, and modern history.

Standard Hotel: 3 Star Quality Real or similar

Deluxe Hotel: 4 Star The Alta or 5 Star Xandari

San Jose - Alajuela - Grecia - Sarchi - San Jose (225 km)

After a hearty breakfast at our hotel, we will embark on a trip to the city of Alajuela, where we will ascend to the top of Poas Volcano, passing through spectacular landscapes filled with dramatically changing flora and fauna along the way. After a delicious lunch of Costa Rican cuisine, we will travel through the town of Grecia where we will see the Church of Our Lady of Mercy, a.k.a. "the metal Church." Then we will continue to the colorful town of Sarchi, where we will be able to browse artisanal crafts and wares. As the day comes to a close, we will return to our hotel in San Jose and have the rest of the evening to explore the city.

Alajuela, COSTA RICA

The third-largest city in Costa Rica, Alajuela is home to the country's main international airport. It is nicknamed "El Ciudad de los Mangos" (the City of Mangoes in English).

Poas Volcano

This active stratovolcano in Costa Rica has an elevation of 8,885 feet. Since 1828, it has erupted a total of 39 times. At its summit, there are two crater lakes.


This small town sits in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. Its most famous landmark is the Church of Our Lady of Mercy, nicknamed the "Metal Church."

Church of Our Lady of Mercy

Nicknamed "the Metal Church," this unique building in Grecia is made of pre-fabricated steel that was painted red. There are many urban legends revolving around the church and its construction, though they are largely fabricated.


This small town in Costa Rica is an artisan's haven and the country's most famous crafts center. With over 200 stores offering handmade crafts and wares, it is the perfect place to pick up some trinkets.

Standard Hotel: 3 Star Quality Real or similar

Deluxe Hotel: 4 Star The Alta or 5 Star Xandari

San Jose - Tortuguero National Park (86 km)

After breakfast, we will set off on a journey towards the Caribbean coast, where we will take a boat to our hotel in Tortuguero National Park. The reason we must travel by boat is because there are no roads in this region, only a system of canals that weaves through dense rainforest. After lunch, we will set out to explore the area. We will visit the colorful village of Tortuguero. From here, we will head to the Caribbean Conservation Corporation Museum. Then we will return to our lodge for some rest and relaxation (we should be sure to take advantage of the lodge's spa services). During the evening, we will have the option to join a Night Tour of the park (availability will be confirmed upon our arrival).

Tortuguero National Park, COSTA RICA

This beautiful national park on the Caribbean coast is home to many rivers and connecting waterways, dense tropical jungle, and a diverse collection of animals. You can take a boat ride down many of the canals.


Located in the heart of the national park of the same name, this small town sits on a sand bar island off the mainland and can only be reached by bot or plane.

Sea Turtle Conservancy Museum

This museum in the small Caribbean village of Tortuguero has interactive exhibits and a friendly, helpful staff that teach visitors about the nesting cycles of the local sea turtle population.

Night Tour

In the evening, you can embark on a boat tour of Tortuguero's dense network of canals that cut through the rainforest. The jungle changes at night, and you will get to see and hear what it's like.

Standard Hotel: 3 Star Pachira Lodge or similar

Deluxe Hotel: 4 Star Mawamba or 5 Star Manatus

Tortuguero National Park

For those of us who want to wake up very early in the morning, we can choose to take a Sunrise Boat Tour through the channels or Tortuguero to see the Caribbean at dawn. We will return in time to enjoy a delicious breakfast before setting out again on a walking tour to Tortuguero Hill to take in the view. Our bilingual guide will help us spot some of the park's more hidden inhabitants and explain why the park is considered one of the most important wildlife refuges in the country. We will return to the hotel for lunch before spending the afternoon exploring more of the park's aquatic maze, keeping on the lookout for monkeys, birds, exotic butterflies, caimans, and iguanas. After dusk, we will return to the lodge to enjoy a delicious dinner and take advantage of the facilities.

Tortuguero National Park, COSTA RICA

This beautiful national park on the Caribbean coast is home to many rivers and connecting waterways, dense tropical jungle, and a diverse collection of animals. You can take a boat ride down many of the canals.

Tortuguero Hill

This hill is the highest point on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, rising above the small village of San Francisco. It provides incredible views of the surrounding national park.

Sunrise Boat Tour

Seeing the Caribbean set against the morning's first light is an absolute must, and on this boat tour through the various river ways and channels of Tortuguero National Park, you will get the best views of rosy dawn.

Standard Hotel: 3 Star Pachira Lodge or similar

Deluxe Hotel: 4 Star Mawamba or 5 Star Manatus

Tortuguero National Park - Puerto Viejo (54 km)

After breakfast, we will leave Tortuguero National Park and travel down the Caribbean coast, stopping for lunch in a small city before arriving in Puerto Viejo, where we will check into our comfortable hotel.

Standard Hotel: 3 Star La Costa de Papito or similar

Deluxe Hotel: 4 Star Cariblue or 5 Star Le Cameleon

Puerto Viejo - Cahuita National Park - Puerto Viejo (366 km)

After breakfast, we will head to Cahuita National Park, full of beaches, coral reefs, and tropical forests. When we arrive, we will begin by hiking through the thick forest. Hidden in this tropical wilderness are countless animals, many of which are endangered, such as the manatee, crocodile, tapir, caiman, and paca. After our day of exploration, we will return to our beachside hotel in Puerto Viejo.

Cahuita National Park, COSTA RICA

This national park and wildlife refuge sits on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It is a dense tropical rainforest that sits on the beach, home to all kinds of jungle animals.

Standard Hotel: 3 Star La Costa de Papito or similar

Deluxe Hotel: 4 Star Cariblue or 5 Star Le Cameleon

Puerto Viejo

Today, guests will transfer out of Puerto Viejo to begin their journeys home. Please see "Departure and Return" for more detailed pickup and drop-off information.

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