I have received a message that my credit card/information is invalid. What should I do in this glitch?

You should contact your respective bank immediately and sort out any discrepancy that might have crept in.

Please expound the details of your points program.

  • The client earns points for all bookings.
  • The company offers 1 point for every 1$ that you spend.
  • Members of the group have the prerogative to pay for the hotel bookings only with points.
  • Members must either use their points earned or a credit card for a single booking. They cannot use both forms of payment simultaneously.
  • Points will be available to the clients one month after check-out if the reservation was fully paid.

What is the procedure to change or cancel my flight reservation?

You may call your airlines directly for any sort of assistance regarding any kind of issues or glitches. Our team of dedicated professionals is available round the clock to assist you in any problem. Please free to call us anytime for any support required. Some tickets may be exchanged; however some tickets are non-refundable. In such cases, it may not be possible for us to waive off your tickets.

Why did my flight itinerary change with regards to previous arrangements?

The airlines may make certain changes in the itinerary in accordance with its plan. The airlines may readjust your flight and we will notify you through proper channels of communication regarding your revised flight number, itinerary and other details. We will send you email regarding your current flight and notify you prior well advance. In case, the airline is not operating or the changed itinerary is unacceptable to you; you are entitled for a refund or an alternate flight. An important thing is that if you choose a flight other than the alternate option provided by the airline then you are liable to charged fee accordingly.

Why does the price change during the booking process?

The airfare to be charged is not guaranteed until the reservation has been booked. Therefore, in a case where reservation has not yet completed; the airline may change its fare or the initial seats shown by the airline may become unavailable. These factors may contribute to an alteration in the price.

What is the procedure for booking a ticket of accompanied minor?

Every respective airline has its own policy regarding accompanied children. You may directly contact the helpdesk of the airline for booking the ticket of an accompanied minor. We are always ready for any amiable response required during the process.

What are the baggage restrictions for the booked flight?

The permitted baggage size and weight restrictions vary accordingly with respect to airlines. A plethora of airlines charge myriad fare according to their baggage policy. It will be prudent to check well in advance about the baggage size and baggage restrictions.

What is the hotel cancellation policy of your hotel?

Unless noted on our website, all hotels with the exception of Disney hotels and hotels in US National parks have a policy which is understated:

  • Any change or cancellation request received by our Customer Support team three days prior to check in time (local noon time) will be subject to one night fare.
  • Any change or cancellation request received by our Customer Support team one day prior to check in time (local noon time) will be receive no refund.
  • No shows will be refunded.

Is my Credit/Debit card charged at the time of booking?

If the status of room is "Available"; then charge will be deducted as per reservation charge policy. However, if the status is "On request" then no charge will be deducted until the reservation is complete.

What is the significance of the terminology "ON REQUEST"?

The "ON REQUEST" status expounds our allotment of rooms at that hotel may have been sold out and that our Customer Support representative is negotiating with the hotel on your behalf to secure the room and rate you requested. During this process your credit card will not be charged, but you will receive a reservation number for status identification. Within 48 hours you will receive an email notification with a definite "confirmed" or "denied" status. If your request is confirmed, your credit card will be charged.

If you do not receive a response after 48 hours, or your requested check in is within 24 hours, please call us at 1-323-287-1193 and we'll be happy to assist. Please also contact us prior to making alternate arrangements as open requests can be confirmed--and thus charged to your credit card--at any time up to the check in date.

What is the cancellation policy for cruises?

Cruise policy has a myriad structures due to a plethora of options available to clients. It is therefore recommended to contact our customer support team who will be exuberant and exalted to reach out to you.

How do I receive my cruise ticket?

It is perennial policy to email cruise documents approximately 3-5 weeks prior to the cruise sail date. If you confirm your cruise date before 3-5 weeks; our customer support team will communicate to you via email your cruise details and the itinerary within 72 hours once the reservation gets confirmed.

What is the cruise line's fuel supplement policy?

For US reservations, as per policy all cruise lines reserves the right to impose a fuel supplement on all guests if the price of West Texas Intermediate fuel exceeds $65.00 USD per barrel. Fuel supplements vary per cruise line and are subject to change at all times. For detailed information, please contact Customer Support.

Can I plan my excursion plan if I 'm pregnant?

Pregnancy policy varies considerably amongst the cruise providers. It is the idiosyncrasy of cruise policy that an expected mother of 24 weeks shall not go on a cruise. Nevertheless, an expected mother is required stating that mother and baby are in good health, fit to travel and the pregnancy is not at risk.